Welcome to the China Business Database! With more than 550,000 company profiles and contacts covering 36 top business categories, the China Business Database is the most comprehensive, accurate, detailed, unique, and up to date business directory of China companies in the world.

Who are we?

China-Business-Database.com is a dedicated data services provider for international businesses. Since 2009 we’ve been the top company database provider in China and South-East Asia, even much data in market sellers’ hands comes form us. We provides the most complete, accurate and unique China company database for personal and business customers.

Here at ChinaBusinessDatabases, we offer more than 550,000 China company records that our customers will have access to. These records are available for a wide variety of countries all around the world, and these records are available through a top quality business database. 

Our Advantages

  • The #1 China business database provider you can find in the market, both in data quality and quantity. No matter where else you look, you will never be able to find a top quality data provider with such complete, detailed and accurate data, and such huge amounts of company records.
  • Very competitive price with such highl quality data
  • Many years’ experience in building marketing and business databases
  • Up to data databases ( 01/03/2014 updated)

Your Success is our success

Here at ChinaBusinessDatabases, we deeply understand your success is our success. So we dedicate a great deal of time to making sure we offer the best in products and service. We try our best to ensure our service meet and beyond our customers’ demands.